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Beyond expectation...!
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Above All...!

Now to Him who is able
to do exceedingly abundantly
above all that we ask or think
according to the power that works in us,
to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus
to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

--- Eph 3:20-21

We read it ...and... we even confess it,
... but do we really ever believe it?

The fact is, that too often we neither believe it nor expect it, but we  actually limit God with our thoughts and our lack of expectations.

Harare, Zimbabwe...!

Having been invited back to Zimbabwe ...
I felt the time had come to step out a little further...
to dig a little deeper and pursue the possiblities that are there
... by uncovering and developing the potential that is in the people of Zimbabwe.

Determined to do just that, I contacted pastor Stephen Ndawona in Harare and asked him to arrange a couple of meetings with pastors and leaders of some of the other churches of Zimbabwe.

Pastor Stephen Ndowano and family                                Jacaranda trees of Harare

Although most pastors are reluctant to get too involved with other churches, he did agree to see whether he could arrange some meetings ... which he did do.

The result was even better than expected...
... four very successful  meetings with a number of pastors from diverse churches ...
... four new Bible Training Centres in the Harare area!
... and the prospects of other Bible Training Centres in other areas of Zimbabwe.
Praise God!
A potential that was not only recognized ...
... but that is now being developed!

Sunningdale meeting                                                                Chitungwiza meeting

The part that blessed me the most on the Zimbabwe trip ...
was not that I had a great time ministering, I always do ...
... but pastor Stephen's remark on the way back to the airport, confirming what I was convinced of  ...

"I did not think" he said,
"that there was so much potential in Harare!"

Testimony ... by Pastor Edward Khaoya

"Before being introduced to the Covenant Disciples Bible
Courses,  I had preached for years from different scriptures without them being alive in me, but now the scriptures have a meaning in my life and the Word of God has become alive in me.
For instance now whenever I read the word love in the bible, I use give, which has given a meaning and understanding to my bible reading.

Also, through teaching the course myself,
I am seeing things I could not tell before.
I had read books and heard a lot of
things without the proper foundation. I am glad I got hold of the Covenant Disciples Bible Course.

I also want to appreciate you personally for given us insight in the scriptures, I have attended all the sessions we had with you in kitale and my life hasn’t been the same. I am changed.

I have also read the book on the End Time twice. It is great to get a great study tool on the end time.

Pastor Edward Khaoya. Covenant of Grace Chruch. Kitale

Our church is beginning to expand because we are giving quality things, the Word...

Thanks again for being a father.

We are blessed to have you and Covenant Ministries."

Gauteng, South Africa...

On the same trip I was invited to minister in a number of meetings in Gauteng province, South Africa.

The Lord's Place, Palm Ridge, Gauteng (Pastor Victor Kakudi)

Pastor Victor Kakudi of Palm Ridge, who pastors in the squatter areas of Johannesburg, Gauteng, had seen the potential in the Covenant Disciples Bible Course to train end equip pastors ... and ...
... recognizing the need for training pastors ...
... as well as knowing that there is a great potential in the people of Africa, he invited me to come and introduce the Bible Courses to his church and also to other pastors and church groups in Gauteng.

The Lord's Place, Palm Ridge, Gauteng (Pastor Victor Kakudi)

He had arranged meetings with a number of church groups and pastors, all of which were not only very well attended, but have already lead to a Bible Training Centre being started and the prospect of a few more starting in the new year.

Katlehong,  Gauteng                                                                    Eden Park, Gauteng

Additionally, one of the four meetings was with an International Church Networking group with contacts all over the world and in Africa, in countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Angola and even in Mauritius.
With the Covenant Disciples Bible Courses available in French and soon in Portuguese, the timing could not have been better, considering that both in Angola and Mozambique they speak Portuguese and in both countries there is a great demand for Bible training material.

Ministry update...!

On the 12th of November, I travelled to Mombasa,
for introductory and outreach meetings ...
with Pastors Fellowships and Church Groups ...
... in ...
Mombasa, Kilifi and Malindi
on the Kenyean south coast ...
... and in ...
Naivasha just north of Nairobi
as well as in Nairobi
Report in next magazine ...

Partner's Corner...!

At the beginning of this year ...
Pastor Moses Ilunga from the Congo
was introduced to and also studied
the Covenant Disciples Bible Course
in Kitale, Kenya ...

After his return to the Democratic Republic of Congo ...
he contacted us wanting to introduce the Bible Courses,
and start training pastors in Lubumbashi and Mbuji-Mayi

We have since sent him the Bible courses in French,
which he has started to use,
and we look forward ...
... to receiving some good reports from him.

Praise God for you, our partners ...
... through your financial and prayer support ...
... and even some of you ...
... who have also been involved in translating the courses!
... YOU have made this possible!

* * * * * * *

Thank you once again ...
... to all of you who are supporting us and standing with us ...
Remember, it’s those prayers and continued support that make it possible for us to reach the pastors & people, to touch and change their lives … forever !
It truly is GOOD soil that we are sowing into ...
... and I believe for an ever increasing harvest!
Hallelujah !

The People of God - Reaching the People for God