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Ask in faith - expecting?
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Pastor Elias Mumeno - Lusaka, Zambia

Pastor Elias Mumeno - Divine Restoration Church of Christ

I was born and raised in a family of Watch Tower Believers and eventually became one of the committed members of that organization. By the time God called and separated me for ministry, I had served as an ordained minister in that organization for about three years.
During that time, God began to give me understanding on the true meaning of salvation, and I began to question my Watch Tower beliefs and doctrine. As God revealed His ministry purpose for my life and separated me from the Watchtower organization in 1999, I developed total trust towards every person who came as a minister of God. But with time God opened my spiritual eyes and helped me to understand that not all who came in His name were His ministers, and with great disappointment I discovered that many who professed or claimed to be Christians or pastors and bishops were not living according to what they professed. I had a big problem to find believers with a true practical Christian life.

I found that there were very few churches or ministries where the pastors took time to teach the Word of God and equip their members for the work of the ministry according to Eph 4:11-16. To me it became obvious that ministers or pastors had either not taken enough time to prepare or equip themselves with the accurate knowledge of God’s Word, or had received wrong theological or ministry training.
I enrolled in two colleges, from one of which I graduated with a diploma.
As for the other diploma course, my direction radically changed when a pastor friend introduced me to the Covenant Disciples Bible Course.

Having had opportunity to go through the Covenant Ministries Disciples Course, I had to discontinue the other theological course, not because it was not good, but because I had finally found the best course that would help me make my final preparations for the work God has called me to do. I am not saying this to please the providers of the Covenant Ministries Disciples Course. No. But to tell the truth about the course and encourage ministers out there to do this course if they really want to adequately prepare for their ministry work.

After receiving the course material and having started the lessons, I found the course to be so remarkable. The Bible lessons in the course are so clear, straight to the point and well explained. One thing I need to say, is that whenever I sat down to study the course material, the Holy Spirit was always there leading me into more understanding of God’s Word and confirming even many other things He had taught me before. I became more enlightened and more confident towards my calling for ministry. It was a wonderfully refreshing time.

What also blessed me was that during studying times, it was actually difficult to put the study material down. There was always that urge to read on and on and reflect on what was in the course material in relation to practical Christian life and ministry. God had always given me confirmations regarding most of the things He had been revealing and teaching me by the Holy Spirit, but I have never found so much confirmation from one single source as I found in the Covenant Ministries Course.

To this day I am convinced that God established Covenant Ministries for the work of equipping Ministers for ministry Work. I will always be grateful to God for Covenant Ministries and Reverend Jan and his team for submitting to God and for working under His direction and guidance.

Finally, I would like to recommend the Covenant Ministries Disciples Course to all those who know or feel that God has called them into Christian ministry work, whether they are already in ministry or yet to start ministry work. It is a wonderful course. It doesn’t beat about the bush on Christian life, teachings and ministry, but is straight to the point and practical. All in all, I would say, it is God inspired.
Do it wholeheartedly and, I am sure, it will help to make, not only your personal life different and successful, but also that of your ministry and church as a whole.



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Ask in faith ... expecting?

Have faith in God!

If there is anything in life that is vitally important,
... then it is Faith!
Why is this so important?
Because faith is much more than just receiving from God.

One day whilst teaching on prayer and our relationship with God,
... Jesus said this to His disciples,

So Jesus answered and said to them,
'Have faith in God.'
--- Mark 11:22

And He went on to explain how faith, prayer and our relationship
with God work together in our lives. He finished by saying,

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray,
believe that you receive them, and you will have them.
--- Mark 11:24

What was Jesus saying?
Everything in life is based on our relationship with God,
... and if we want anything to happen, then we must ... 'have faith in God!'

In other words ...
Faith is an expression of our relationship with God.

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