Equipping Pastors & Leaders

Covenant Ministries' mandate is...
to train and equip pastors & leaders who have not been able
to go to a Bible School due to lack of funds or opportunity.
To accomplish this, very practical yet powerful Word-based
Bible Courses have been developed ...

The Bible Courses & training material have been instrumental in equipping pastors all over the world, for powerful, practical ministry, greatly benefitting their churches and communities!
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Covenant Disciples Bible Courses
These practical yet powerful Bible Courses are aimed at training & equipping
pastors and leaders for dynamic ministry, and are at the same time also an
effective tool with which to teach others (in the mission field where they live).

Covenant Disciples Bible Courses & Training
The Covenant Disciple Bible Courses are available to all pastors, churches or
pastor groups everywhere for personal, group study or bible school use.
To more fully reach those who want to benefit from the courses, we also work
with pastors & leaders in local areas who have the same vision and desire to
reach out and help equip their peers.

Implementation & Procedure...
To find out how to receive this essential training and how to benefit from this
powerful tool ... contact us right now, and we will send you details on how to
start on the course, as well as more information about the Training & Centers.

Bible Courses Overview...
The Covenant Disciples Bible Courses are divided into three sections ...

The Foundation course consisting of 3 units of 6 lessons each (= 18 lessons)

Relationship - New life in Christ.
Character - New life with God.
Love Covenant - Growing in the Spirit

The Advanced Courses consisting of 20 units of 4 lessons each (= 80 lessons) covering advanced principles such as ...

Anointing ....... Authority of the Believer
Covenant ....... Gifts of the Spirit
Baptism ......... Righteousness & Holiness
Faith .............. Discipleship
Spiritual Warfare
..... and more!

Leadership Training Course consisting of 6 units of 4 lessons each (= 24 lessons)

See Bible Course Overview for more details

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