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Covenant Disciples Bible Courses

  • Build a real, personal love relationship with God!
    - by laying a strong foundation of God's Word in your life!

  • Build confidence in your life!
    - Let God's Word develop & re-shape your character!

  • Learn to hear God's voice!
    - Practically apply God's principles in your daily life!

  • Become equipped to teach others the Word of God!
  • Start Studying Toward Your Certificate Today

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    Methods of Study

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    Courses - Modules & Outline

    Relationship, Character and Covenant.
    The Covenant Disciples Bible Course has been specially developed to help you build
    a real relationship with God, to where you can understand His Word and live in the fullness of Covenant, that covenant which governs all of Godís dealings with man.
    Life is about choices and decisions, and we have the ability and the responsibility to make decisions, which separates us from the rest of creation. Decisions which, when made with God, lessen the awesome-ness of the responsibility.

    The Covenant Disciples Bible Course is divided into 2 sections:

    Foundation Principles ... 3 courses of 6 units each.
    Advanced Principles & Studies ... Selected Courses of 4 units each.

    Foundation Principles

    The 3 Foundation Courses are specifically aimed at laying a sound foundation for a
    victorious new life in Christ, with special emphasis on relationship and character;
    His character, in us.

    1. Relationship - New life in Christ

    What is this new life in Christ?
    The basics of a relationship with God.
    Life before ...New life in Christ ...
    God the Father ...God the Son ...
    God the Holy Spirit ...Communicating with God ...

    2. Character - New life with God

    Getting to know God and His ways more intimately.
    Transformed into His Image.
    A New Lifestyle ...Friendships ...
    Godís love - Agape ...Godís word - Logos or Rhema ...
    The confession of faith ...Discipling - Effective for God ...

    3. Covenant Love - Growing in the Spirit

    Understanding, receiving and expressing His nature - Love.
    Stepping into a personal relationship with Him.
    In His Image ...Blessed - God's ability in man ...
    A real Relationship ...Expressing God's character ...
    The Power of Love ...God's Word and God's Voice ...

    Advanced Principles & Studies

    In-depth studies on specific topics and subjects to promote spiritual development and growth.
    The Advanced courses that follow on the Foundation courses are aimed at a deeper insight into Godís character and principles,
    His plans for our future and victory in this life, and His plans to prosper us in every area of our lives ... Spirit - Soul & Body.

    The advanced courses are all made up of 4 units of in-depth studies and include:-

    Covenant ...Anointing ...
    Discipleship ...Authority of the Believer ...
    The Spirit World ...Gifts of the Spirit ...
    Faith is ...Righteousness & Holiness ...
    Baptism ...Marriage Covenant ...
    God's plan for man ...The armor of God ...
    Kingdom Qualities ...Love - the Glorious Church ...
    Creation ...Renewing the mind ...
    The Faith Connection ...The Living Word ...
    Created in Love ...Covenant Relationship ...
    Prayer and Fasting ...Character ...and more ...

    Leadership Training

    Developing Leadership potential and skills.
    The Leadership Training Courses are specifically aimed at training and equipping pastors and leaders to fulfill their call and potential in life and ministry, and have therefore been developed to uncover and recognise that potential in man, through combining Godís Word with life skills,
    ... to release that potential,
    ... and develop those skills.

    The Leadership Courses are all made up of 4 units of in-depth training courses:-

    Recognizing Leadership potential.
    Developing Leadership potential.
    Leadership & the Faith Connection.
    Renewing the mind.
    Revelation, Inspiration & Power.
    Anointed Leadership.

    All Foundation, Advanced and Leadership Courses all have short multiple choice tests, primarily aimed at promoting understanding,
    ... and not merely the checking of knowledge.

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    Courses & Study Information / Curriculum

    Courses - Modules & Outline

    Courses - Study Guide

    Courses - Leadership

    Courses - Curriculum

    Ministry - Brochure

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    Qualification Awards

    Foundation Certificate

    - after successfully completing the 3 Foundation Courses.

    Advanced Diploma
    - after successfully completing 15 Advanced Courses.

    Leadership Diploma
    - after successfully completing the Leadership Courses.


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    2 - 6 months.
    The Covenant Disciples Bible Course is a self-paced course which means that you can take as much (or as little) time as you need to finish each unit.
    We recommend to NOT rush through the lessons, as the real benefit is in understanding & applying Godís Word to our lives, & not just in collecting knowledge.

    Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy,
    and keep (do) those things which are written in it; for the time is near.
    - Rev 1:3

    All units must be completed before advancing to the next course.

    Course fees

    Covenant Disciples Online Bible Course

    Foundation Course 1 --- Free
    Foundation Course 2 --- Free
    Foundation Course 3 --- Free
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    Advanced Course 1-20 --- US$ 49.00
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    Leadership Courses --- US$ 49.00
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    Covenant Disciples Bible Course e-Book (Download)

    Foundation Courses --- US$29.00
    Advanced Courses 1-10 --- US$29.00
    Advanced Courses 11-20 --- US$29.00
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    Leadership Training Course e-Book (Download)

    Full Course Applying Leadership Principles - US$49.00
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    All fees are payable in advance.

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