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    Once I started, I just could not stop!
    Having been given an opportunity to go through the Covenant Ministries Disciples Course, I had to discontinue the other theological course, not because it was not good, but because I had finally found the best course I had been looking for to help me make my final preparations for the work God has called me to do. I am not saying this to please the providers of the Covenant Ministries Disciples Course. No. But to tell the truth about the course and encourage ministers out there to do this course if they really want to adequately prepare for their ministry work.
    It was a wonderfully refreshing time.
    After receiving the course material and having started the lessons, I found the course to be so remarkable. The Bible lessons in the course are so clear, straight to the point and well explained. One thing I would like to confess is that whenever I sat down to study the course material, the Holy Spirit was always there leading me into more understanding of Godís Word and confirming even many other things He had taught me before. I became more enlightened and more confident towards my calling for ministry.
    Brother Elias Mumeno, Divine Restoration Church of Christ in Zambia.
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    Rev Ngangeli Botombia, overseeing numerous churches in the Federation des Eglises et Organismes Chretiens, Congo, was one of many pastors who attended the 2-day Pastors & Leaders Training Workshop in Camp Munganga, Kinshasa, said the following at the end of the workshop ...

    'Many of us, and that includes me, have studied for 5 years (or even more) at Theological Colleges, but we have learned more in the past two days at the Covenant Ministries Bible Training Workshop than during those 5 years at Theological College!'

    'This training we have to take to our leaders!'
    Rev Ngangeli Botombia, Camp Munganga, Kinshasa.

    Changed my thinking & my prayer totally around!
    Pastor Jan, thanks for coming to us. Your teaching at Covenant City Church on how to pray and hear God changed the way I think and pray. When you gave an example about Jesus as the Lord & you used the example of someone working for a Boss. You showed us that when that employee goes to work on Monday morning, he does not give the boss instructions, but the boss is the one that gives instructions. You compared this with our lives and how that most of us give instructions to God, telling Him what we want and need, instead of letting Him be Lord in our lives, telling us what to do.
    This totally changed my thinking and my prayers.
    Instead of praying to God to give me work, I pray to God about where I should go to get work. I don't pray for things these days, I pray for instructions.
    As I speak I am employed by a company that sells phones. I began with a small loan from Covenant to sell airtime and later on saw an opportunity to work with a company that sells phones and am doing very well as a salesman.
    I would not be doing this had it not been for pastor Jan who taught me how to think right and pray right.
    Godfrey Barasa, Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya.

    I thank Pastor Jan for reaching out to me. I have attended most of his classes here in Kitale, but the last time I attended one of his meetings, I heard him say ... God will increase what you do! And not only what we do but specifically what we do that we hear from him!
    So, if I do that the God will increase it.
    The only thing I had was a little maize seeds which I put in the ground, trusting God to get me out of debt. I did not know if I would make a good farmer, but I sowed anyway, and ended up getting a big harvest. As I write this, I am out of debt and I am committed to also helping my friends get out of debts. I have began by taking them through the Covenant Disciples Bible Course, and believe that God will turn their lives around as well.
    Thomas Mandu, Rift Valley, Kenya.

    Changed my thinking & turned my life around!
    A few years ago I was invited by a friend to Covenant City Church where Pastor Jan was ministering that day. I had never heard someone teach the word the way he taught. I had gone to many churches, but all the excitement did not bring any change in my life. That day however, Pastor Jan taught on a natural, supernatural life, teaching us that Heaven is waiting, waiting for us to do something so God can respond to our faith. In other words, God is waiting for me to do something according to His direction.
    Fiona, Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya.
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    A new beginning!
    Just one week before Pastor Jan's planned visit to Tema, after many obstacles and much opposition, eventually the plans for the visit and meetings were taking shape, when on my way home ... disaster struck!
    An oncoming bus swerved out for a bicycle straight into the vehicle in which I was, killing my assistant pastor, and I was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. All I can remember was me looking at my dead body, when I heard God say to me, 'You must finish what you have started!'
    Pastor Richard
    , Tema, Ghana.
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    Turned my life totally around!
    Covenant Ministries and the Covenant Teen Mothers outreach has turned my life totally around, giving me hope and help. I was rejected by my family with nowhere to go and nothing to live from. Covenant Ministries made it possible for me to go to College to do commercial training, and at the same time helped me to start earning a little money so I could look after myself & my child.

    Eunice, Kipsongo, Rift Valley, Kenya.
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    A new & different view on life!
    After Pastor Jan came to Kitale and started the Covenant
    Disciples Bible Training Centers in Kenya together with my
    brother Dawson, I decided to also study the Covenant
    Courses, which gave me a new and different view on life
    and my walk with God.
    Having completed the courses, I started to do street
    outreaches in Kitale district and surrounding villages...
    Caleb Mudenyo, Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya.
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    His Word works, if you put it to work!
    A few years ago, whilst studying Engineering in Nairobi,
    I learnt about the Covenant Disciples Bible Courses.
    Having seen how this course had impacted peoples lives,
    I decided to study the full course. The course certainly
    changed my life and I wanted to use what I had learnt
    to also impact the lives of others.

    Joshua Wekesa, Kitale, Rift Valley, Kenya.
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    He will bring it to pass!
    About 5 years ago, I felt in my heart that it was time for
    us to build a place where Godís people could gather, a
    place to use for training and also as a nursery school.
    I had left Webuye town and went back to Busia where
    the economic status of people is very low. In NO way
    could you expect the people in Busia to contribute any money towards anything...
    George Oduori, Nambale, Western, Kenya.
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    Living for others - Changes everything
    I grew up not knowing my mother and rejected by my father. After Primary School I had to see for myself how
    to get through High School, after that I helped my sister
    finish her studies by doing any odd jobs I could find.
    Two years ago I got to know about the Covenant Bible
    at the Covenant City Church, which has totally changed my life...
    Jackson Mbugua, Wamuini, Rift Valley, Kenya.
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    Reaching our people - Impacting our lives!
    I am pastor David Wanyonyi of Gospel Lighthouse Church, Bungoma in Kenya. I want to really thank God for Who He is in my life and has done in my community.

    Firstly I want to appreciate you pastor Jan and your wife Susan, for allowing God to humble you, and to use you to reach His people in such a great way. Thank you for coming to our church, not only to bring your Bible Courses to our community and reach our people, but to personally teach us the Word of God in such a mighty way.
    That is truly the love of Christ!
    I also want to appreciate pastor Dawson and pastor Morgan for making sure that the Covenant Disciples Bible Courses reaches our people, and again thank you pastor Jan for returning to Graduate our pastors as well as those from Mumias, all of whom have now received their certificates.
    You are such a vessel in the hands of God pastor Jan. God bless you.
    Receive greetings from my wife Josephine and the church of the Lord.
    Pastor David Wanyonyi, Gospel Lighthouse, Bungoma, Western Kenya

    Covenant Music Group
    Since the establishment of the Covenant City Center in Kitale in 2007, the Covenant Music project has probably had the biggest single impact on the youth in that area. Under the watchful eyes of Pastor Dawson, who himself does some music training, three music albums (on CD) have been released locally.

    One of the albums was done solely by a group of 5 Street Kids, who have since been making a living from the sale of their album.
    This has not only helped them to get off the streets, but has also helped them become responsible members of the local community, and have shown their gratitude by assisting two other street kids by paying their school fees.

    The other Music group, pictured below, have through their CD attracted the attention of the local community as their music has been played on the local radio station,with the result that they have been approached, and indeed have started to do commercial spots for some local businesses, with much success.
    However, they are not only developing their own skills, but have started to assist, through their own skills and success, some of the Covenant City Center's other community development projects.
    Street Kids Music Group, Kitale, Kenya.

    Thank you Covenant Ministries
    Although I have had the opportunity to attend a Bible School and even have a diploma in theology, my church and ministry did not seem to be developing or growing. However, about three years ago I came to know about Covenant Ministries and how that so many pastors and their churches had been impacted through the Covenant Disciples Bible Course, and I decided to also study the Covenant Disciples Bible Course together with some other local leaders in my community.
    Not only has my life changed as a result of the revelation I received through the Bible Courses, but my life has totally changed, my ministry has become strong, the church has mightily grown and I am now able to truly speak into the lives of others.

    A few months ago I was honoured to receive pastor Jan in person at my church in Kimilili, to personally officiate at our 'first' graduation. We have a saying that if it rains when you receive a visitor that you will be blessed, well that day it rained so much we could hardly hear each other! Praise God!
    All I can say is, thank you pastor Jan.
    Pastor Cleophas, Kimilili, Kenya.

    The Covenant way - a sure foundation
    Dear pastor Dawson, receive much greetings of love and grace from the land of America.
    As you know I have been working close with a 'Faith Ministry' for nearly 8 years now and they see me as their product in Africa, but I tell you people here are being challenged and I have something to testify today.I have been coming to America every year and they organize for me to speak in the churches they are affiliated with, but this time was different. They had given me their course to do so that I can speak the way they do, but for sure after having
    listened to Pastor Jan of Covenant Ministries twice, I decided to study the Covenant Disciples Courses, and like you know, my life got changed!
    This time they have heard me speak differently, in that everything I speak is practical and has life in it, and although they had to swallow their pride, they have asked me 'where did you get that, where did you learn that', so I referred them to Pastor Jan's website.
    You know my brother, we need to be honest, I know that a lot of Americans have been assisting ministries there in Kitale, Bungoma, Kisumu & Eldoret where I come from, but the truth is that the people who the Americans have successfully worked with, are those that went through the Covenant Courses. I believe Covenant Ministries set a foundation on which a lot of American missionaries are building.
    Even the people around you who have been successful with House Church Ministry, are those who have been through Covenant Courses and that is why they are successful. Look at the Saddle Back Church of Rick Warren and the work they are doing in Kitale. Though they are helping a lot of people with lots of resources, the only people they have worked with well are products of Covenant Ministries!

    Well brother, I am so thankful to God that I have been blessed here in America this time more than other times, just because I came the Covenant way!
    I want to be able at least to sow a seed into Covenant Ministries. so let me know where you want me to assist.
    Well, I am overjoyed. Greet your family for me.
    Bishop James Maunga, Kipkaren, Kenya.

    Now I have 'A' Certificate!
    I have about 25 bible course certificates in my house, but my wife and the people at the church always said to me,
    ' it seems your certificates are not helping you at all!'
    I had done many bible courses & attended many seminars and always wanted to learn but it seems all I was learning was evaporating from my head.
    However, I didnít give up.
    Finally I came a cross another bible program and this time chose not to give up but study for my 26th certificate and for sure I can say that endurance pays.
    This certificate has replaced all the other 25 certificates and I am very glad nothing evaporated from my head as what I learnt in the Covenant Disciples Bible Course went straight into my heart. Surely, my life has changed!
    All of those who thought I was boring are now asking me all the time when I will be teaching in their area or if they can join our bible class. The church has not only grown mightily in number but also grown spiritually and practically with people beginning to work more and getting daily more involved in building of the community. Things have gone well. I am so thankful, I am so glad that Covenant Bible Courses brought something into my life.

    When I heard pastor Jan was coming, I made sure I attended his training where
    he taught on faith.
    This time I went there humbly, simply just wanting to hear God.
    I didnít want any shouting or excitement as I had done before.
    I had so often been so disappointed in life after going to many seminars, where we ... declared and made confessions, and claimed lots of things which never happened!
    I thank God that through Covenant Ministries I received the Word of God from a different perspective.
    My wife & children can testify, the church members know it, my friends can also testify ... My life is different!
    God is good all the time.

    Bishop James Barasa, Rift Valley, Kenya.

    Covenant love - changes lives!
    I didnít want to go to Bible School because it did not look like most people I met who went to Bible School knew anything nor were their lives changed.
    They preached good sounding sermons but their lives were still the same. There was nothing different, even the preaching & teaching didnít have any life.
    So I thought until pastor Jan of Covenant Ministries visited our area, and for the first time I received something that changed my life.
    Pastor Janís approach to the Bible was so different and suddenly the Word of God became alive. I decided I wanted to study and then got hold of the Covenant Bible Courses and also signed up about 30 people. Right now I can testify that my life has changed and the course on the love covenant, has changed my family and church.
    Our church has grown in numbers and after our leaders also completed the course, we were able to start five more churches.
    I wish I had come across this material much earlier. My relationship with the people in the community has brought life and our people are happier than before.
    I am overjoyed that now with confidence I know that I am serving the Lord in my area, not just through prayer but through practically living and showing love to the people where I am.
    Thank you Covenant Ministries.
    Pastor Andrew Waraba, Kiminini, Western Kenya

    Founded on the Word!
    I seem to be the one who gets blessed every year.
    This year one of my Ďsonsí in the Lord bought me a bicycle saying to me,
    ĎI am giving you a gift because of what you have taught me.í
    I have been in ministry for over 30 years and no one had said this to me.However, I couldnít have taught anything worthy if it were not for Covenant Ministries.
    The teachings have come out good, and right now I feel I am able to raise up men and young people who will do this work with me.
    I have gotten to understand the Bible differently, & considering my years in ministry in different Bible Institutes, I believe that had I began with the Covenant Bible Courses in 1970, I would have achieved so much more. Many years have gone, my age is also going, and I sometimes feel like I lost so much chasing the wind and praying faith prayers that had no faith.
    But thank you pastor Jan for teaching me how to pray & how to get results.
    God bless you.
    Bishop Francis Wamalwa, Kitale, Kenya.


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