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  • 100% Helps purify the body TEMPLE for better communication with God
    100% Certified Organic, meet the Bible Bar – This fantastic-tasting, contains the seven foods which the Lord calls good in Deuteronomy 8:8 - to God all the glory. Free subscription to the International Group of Businesses.
  • A Christian Perspective on M.E.
    The aim of the site is to give information about M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) from a Christian viewpoint in order to help others with it, as well as anyone else who might be interested.
  • A Legitimate Christian Business
    An excellent opportunity for Moms who want to stay home with their children. You will get a free website, free training, 100% Risk Free No selling
  • Abiding In The Healing Wo
    An exciting site focusing on how to receive healing through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Step by step instruction on how to receive healing. An extensive list of healing Scriptures, awesome quotes from great Christian leaders, prayer request page,
  • Affordable Biblical Healthcare
    The Medi-Share Program of the Christian Care Ministry is a non-profit organization that provides an affordable and biblical alternative to health insurance for Christians. Members voluntarily share medical bills in an organized way.
  • AHAVA shop - Dead Sea skin care products
    Offering AHAVA skin care from the Dead Sea minerals. Free Shipping worldwide and Lowest price Guarantee.
  • Appell Core DisABILITES Resources
    Core comprehensive general and specific disabilities resources with related issues
  • Bright Star Counseling Center
    Bright Star Counseling Center in South Bend, Indiana provides individual, family, marital, couples, and group Christian therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief, and ineffective discipline. -
  • Caring Christian Counseling
    Ordained Christian Counselors guide emotional recovery from abuse, loss of health due to accident or illness or loss of a relationship through death, divorce or betrayal through developing balanced, healthy relationships with God, others and self
  • Christian Counseling Central Ohio
    Central Ohio - Still struggle with the same problems? Help is here for depression, anxiety, sexual, abuse, recovery, addiction, marriage, child, gender, eating disorders, adhd, testing, anger, trauma, grief, bi-polar, ocd, cult
  • Christian Counseling l Christian Counselor Michigan
    Krystal Kuehn, a professional counselor/ psychologist in Troy, Michigan specializes in depression, anxiety, marital and Christian counseling.
  • Christian Weight Loss
    Christian Weight Loss helps bring God into weight loss for Christians who have found that diets don't work.
  • Christian Wholeness and Health Discussion Forum
    This is a discussion forum and resource site for Christian health issues.
  • Delicioso, A Website Crisp with Flavor!
    A website featuring vegetarian cooking that's easy, wholesome,and very tasty. For anyone wanting to try a change.
  • Depressed Christian Help Guide, The
    A free online depression booklet for Christians suffering hardship and who need direct, immediate spiritual & practical help.
  • Disability Info
    Disability information, general,specific. Comprehensive, caring current By a disabled disability activist. Related charities. Free classifieds for disability products, services. Geared toward people with disabilities, families, relevant professionals
  • Disability Info
    Caring comprehensive general and specific disability information. Includes many Christian resources.
  • Dream Walking - Poem
    A life-changing encounter brings recovery.
  • Drug Rehab Centers Canada
    Drug rehab centers referrals for canada. We will help find the best treatment for you.
  • Earthly Green Enterprises
    Earthly Green Enterprises is an authorized independent distributor’s of Shaklee. Beyond Organic nutrition supplements, non-toxic cleaning products, weight loss products, natural skin care, air purifiers, water filters and more.
  • Edens Botanicals
    Specializing in Hand Made Soaps, Lotions, Balms and Body Washes created for the religious community. All items are based on Biblical scripture, meant to uplift and inspire your delicate soul, as well as pamper the body God gave you. Perfect for sale
  • Essential Oil Report
    The Essential Oil Report offers information about how therapeutic-grade essential oils are made and how to use them safely, including a segment about essential oils in the Bible.
  • Family Resources Network
    Resources to help families in the many aspects of their daily lives including marriage, parenting, financial matters, home and garden, spiritual growth, health and fitness, and entertainment …
  • Harvest of Hope Drug & Rehab Centre
    Harvest of Hope is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre situated in Perth Western Australia. It is dedicated to the service of the poor, orphaned and marginalised. The overall mission of the centre is to address the harm caused by drug s/alcohol
  • Healing Communities
    Healing Communities are an international ministry whereby small groups minister healing in spirit, soul and body to both individuals and the communities in which they operate.
  • Healing Ministries of Bishop Salamat Khokhar
    Healing and Miracles Ministry of Bishop Salamat Khokhar is spreading God’s love to humanity from Pakistan to the Ends of the Earth through Healing, Miracles, Signs and Wonders
  • Healing Our Hearts and Souls
    Hope and Encouragement from emotional pain and suffering
  • Healing Scripture Prayer Chain
    Healing prayer chain and resources for the sick and those who care.
  • Healing Self
    Healing Self focuses on self healing through spiritual healing, energy healing, and relationship help.
  • Healing through Faith
    A christian forum with healing scriptures.
  • Healing, Prosperity and Family Well-Being
  • Health Place at OnePlace
    Thousands of news and information resources about healthy living, fitness, wellness and nutrition with a Christian perspective from Dr. Ted Chandler Muskegon
  • home drug tests, drug test kit, drug testing kits
    for emotionally distressed
  • Hope is the Last to Die - Multiple Sclerosis & Me
    Multiple sclerosis - a personal story. Multiple Sclerosis & Me - My story, What is MS...?, my symptoms, diagnosis, MEDS, Avonex, doctors, LINKS to many MS sites, vitamins and supplements, poems, quotes, favorites page, PRAYER REQUEST page.
  • How to get rid of pimples overnight,Homemade remedies for acne
    Natural ways to get rid of acne, How to get rid of pimples overnight, How to get rid of a pimple overnight
  • Jills Health Corner
    Church Nurse, Christian Healthcare Ministries, Congregational Ministries and Parish Nursing Ideas. The Jills Health Corner Parish Health Newsletter
  • Look Only to God
    The teachings of Rev. Sangat S. Bains
  • Mary Begg Clinic
    Information about the varied and quality health services offered by a group of medical clinics in Zambia, which currently operate in the North Western region. Clinics are based in Ndola, Kansanshi and Kalumbila - , ,
  • Medical Consulting Solutions, Inc
    Medical Consulting Solutions helps save and make you money, helps you generate key revenue streams, helps with AAAHC accreditation, saves money on custom surgical packs, anesthesia management and delivery
  • MediShare
    Save money today on a low cost Christian health
  • Mind-Body Health & Wellness Counseling
    A caring, friendly, counseling practice, dedicated to help you achieve an optimal, balanced, state of mind-body health, that is, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Miracle II Gods Solution to a Healther Body and Mind.
    Miracle II products are derived from the dust of the earth and are an all-natural product that utilizes antitoxins to fight against the pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • Mission From God House of Prayer Retreat House in Reddick, Florida
    A Catholic Christian, retreat, healing ministry welcoming all, located in Central Florida, just outside Ocala in Reddick, Florida.
  • My Fathers House
    an International House of Prayer and Healing in the Spirit
  • natures healer alternative medicine
    2,000 year old plants fruits oils and herbs that heal the body from disease and illness.
  • New Jerusalem Healing Rooms
    The New Jerusalem Healing Rooms is a place where Jesus Christ still heals and delivers. We have seen him heal all kinds of sickness and disease. He will heal the broken hearted. Call for an appointment with our healing ministers.
  • Olive Leaf Tea Information - Olivus Herbal Supplement
    Olive leaf tea has been enjoyed for over 3,000 years and appears to contain some amazing healthful qualities.
  • Online Prayer and Healing Forum
    Online Prayer Forum and Fellowship. Submit your prayer request. Talk about faith, miracles and other life issues and experience great christian fellowship. Join today! Where miracles happen.
  • Overseas Health Insurance Services
    Good Neighbor Missionary Insurance Services provides assistance obtaining international health insurance and trip insurance as well as information about traveling abroad with a focus on Christian missionary work.
  • Pamper Your Body, Nourish Your Soul...
    Specializing in Hand Made Soaps, Lotions, Balms and Body Washes created for the religious community. All items are based on Biblical scripture, meant to uplift and inspire your delicate soul, as well as pamper the body God gave you.
  • Peter Hansen Ministries - Miracles. Signs & Wonder
    Peter Hansen Ministries & Healing Evangelist Peter Capili Hansen, spreads the fire of revival and healing power of Jesus Christ throughout the world in mass miracle meetings. Submit your online prayer request today. Prophetic Miracle Healing Events
  • Pittsburgh Area Brain Injury Alliance
    Provides information and resources about and relevant to traumatic brain injury.
  • Radiation Protection
    Radiation Protection products from Floww transform radiation to a body friendly wavelength - , ,
  • Reflections Counseling
    For 13+ years Reflections Counseling has provided confidential marriage family and individual counseling for the Christian Community. Our site shows services offered psychologists and counselors many of the issues we work on and bonus pages.
  • Rest Ministries, Chronic Illness / Pain Support
    Serves people who live with chronic illness or pain
  • SingleParent-Tips
    Single parents tips on topics such as finances, dating, family stability, stress management, education, holidays, health/fitness, parenting resources, links, newsletter from a Christian perspective …
  • Spiritual Adoration
    It is about the adoration required for effective worship. It provides a strong testimony of the miracle of Lord Jesus Christ. It invites to share testimonies and prayer points so that we can pray for them. Answers questions on Christianity, salvation, sin
  • There is hope!
    A wealth of free information to help you find hope.
  • Wailing Wall, Western Wall, spirituality from the
    Kotel, The Westernwall is the most holy place for jewish pepole.
  • Waynes Compendium of Home Remedies & Herbal Cures
    Heal yourself the natural way, with Folk remedies, and Herbal teas and cures, use a searchable free database of alternative remedies, treatments, and cures.
  • words are powerful
    how words travel with power

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